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Frequently Asked Questions


How Do I Join


Click Join above and fill out the form. Enter your desired username, first name, last name, country, valid and working email address.

2. What Do I Do First

Login and Click on the Deposits Funds button to add funds to your account. You must deposit a minimum of $1 to buy an Ad Pack.

3. What Payment Processors Are Available

Rapid 215 accepts Bitcoin, Coinpayments and Perfect Money

PayPal is not used by Rapid 215 due to the risk of suspension or closure of our PayPal account as they do not allow Multi-Level-Marketing.

If you wish to use Paypal you can open a Bitcoin account and fund it with Paypal through http://paxful.com

4. Can I have more than 1 Account

NO! However you can purchase as many Ad Packs as you wish which will create multiple positions in the matrix under the same Account Username.

5. Are There Any Monthly Fees

NO! You join Free and only pay for the Ad Packs that you purchase..

6. How And When Will I Be Paid

When you purchase an Ad Pack you will get a position placed in the matrix. As other positions are placed in your matrix your earnings will be added to your Cash Wallet. Once you have more than $5.00 in your Cash Wallet you can withdraw the funds to any of the processors listed.

7. Do I Need To Refer Others To Earn

To increase your earnings potential it is better for you to refer others. You will receive spillover from the Company, your upline and your downline but it will be much quicker if you also referring others. However the Matrix is Unique because it is filled with Ad Pack Purchases not Referrals.

8. How Do I Get a Matrix Position

You need to deposit a minimum of $1 and purchase an Ad Pack. When you purchase the Ad Pack a matrix position is created. If you are not in the matrix you cannot earn an income.

9. What is a 2 x 15 Forced Matrix

In a 2 x 15 forced matrix you only have 2  members on your first downline level. Those 2 members also have 2 members on their first downline level and so on down 15 downline levels.

Matrix Level Members Earnings Potential
1 2 0.14
2 4 0.28
3 8 0.56
4 16 1.12
5 32 2.24
6 64 4.16
7 128 8.32
8 256 16.64
9 512 33.28
10 1024 66.56
11 2048 133.12
12 4096 266.24
13 8192 532.48
14 16384 1064.96
15 32678 2129.92

Meaning when each downline level is full new signups will then be spilled to the next downline level. This is called Spillover! The power of the 2 x 15 Matrix program is in the forced nature where referrals from the Company, your Upline and Downline are forced to fill you levels.

10. What Is The Purchase Wallet

When you Deposit funds into your Rapid 215 account they are placed in the Purchase Wallet which can then be used to buy Ad Packs..

11. What Is The Repurchase Wallet

30% of your earnings go into the Repurchase Wallet which can then be used to buy Ad Packs. This is done to maintain the integrity and longevity of Rapid 215.

12. What Is The Cash Wallet

70% of your earnings go into the Cash Wallet which can be withdrawn or used to buy Ad Packs.

13. What Is The Earnings Column

The Earnings column on the Wallet Summary is ONLY and indicted on the total amount you have earned. These are not available funds.

14. Do You Offer Refunds

No, we do not offer any kind of refunds. All payments made are for the purchase of advertising credits..

15. I Cannot Login

If you know your login details or you have requested a new password, make sure you enter the details manually by typing them into the login box. Copy and paste from an email may sometimes have trailing spaces. If needed, copy and paste onto a text document and copy and paste again from there after you checked for extra spaces and removed them..

16 I Have Lost My Password What Do I Do

Use the Forgot Password option to ask the system to send you a new password. Just enter your username and registered email address and click Send Password. Please allow a couple of minutes for the email to get to you.

17. Are There Any Tax Requirements

Members are personally responsible for any tax requirements.

18. Last Update: 1 Sept 2018

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